English test

Данный тест является максимально приближенной, сокращенной версией языкового теста, который вы будете проходить на Мальте в свой первый день в школе. Его результаты даны исключительно для того чтоб вы имели представление о том, на какой уровень вы можете расчитывать и не являются гарантией уровня, на который вы будете зачислены в языковой школе, в результате реального тестирования.

I am _______________.
A:  What ____________?
B:  He teaches English
A:  ___________ you like chocolate?
B:  Yes, I love it.
I __________ any dogs or cats.
There is _________ cheese in the fridge.
There is a party _________ Saturday.
I don’t have __________ money, but this is all I have.
A:  __________ ridden a camel?
B:  No, never.
The last time we met was ___________.
What colour _________ his eyes?
A:  _________ to Africa?
B:  Yes, many times.
_________ a coke please?
I have known him _________ 15 years.
Sarah is the _______ person in the world right now!
Where _________ English?
________ apples are nicer than those!
The newspapers ____________ daily
What _________ this afternoon? How about meeting up?
Matthew is taller _________ John.
John is really the _________ person I have ever met.
The film was so __________ that I fell asleep
How __________ people have been invited?
A:  I did not enjoy that film at all.
B:  __________
A:  I ____________ to book a table for next Saturday.
B:  I’m afraid we are fully booked next Saturday.
She usually drives to work, but today she ___________
If it rains, I ________ at home.
She _________ a shower when the taxi arrived.
If I ________ you, I would be very careful.
You haven’t eaten a thing all day.  You ________ be hungry!
Do be careful! You _________ really hurt yourself doing that.
I really think you _________ to take a jacket with you.
Your idea is ___________ brilliant!

Had there been more time, I __________ you.

_________ you go or you stay, but you have to make a decision.
The train _________ when I got to the platform.
The article _____________ published until next week.
The school term __________ on 1st September.
Never ____________ that moment.
That is the person ___________ car I borrowed!
I _________ getting up early.  It’s not a problem for me.

Большое спасибо что уделили время заполнению вопросов теста.

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